Cards Edit

Cards range from 1-7 star-level and are divided by college.

Card Draw Edit

Card Draw includes Draw by Coupon, Greater Draw, Super Draw, Draw by Points, and Draw by Kindness.

Infectors Edit

Enemies that are changed twice every event. Currently, there are always 2 available infectors that you can fight during event period. Discovering an infector enables you to receive 2 random cards 5 star levels and lower. Killing an infector rewards you 2 random cards 5 star levels and lower.

After killing an infector, either yours or a friend's, there is a chance for it to become berserk. Berserk infectors have increased HP and Power, the rewards they yield are also better than that of a regular infector.

Items Edit

Items include Potions, Tokens, Packs, and Box's.